If there’s one thing that people love at this time of year, it’s a good scare. People flock from miles around to visit haunted houses, palaces, castles and churches. 34% of people in the UK believe in ghosts, so it’s no surprise that spooky season is big business. 

But for some people, the ghosts are much closer to home.

If you’ve ever heard a bang in the night or felt a sudden chill down your spine, you might have wondered whether your very own house is haunted. Fortunately, there are very few homes that people genuinely believe are haunted, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not cohabiting with a poltergeist. 

So what happens to the value of your house if people really do believe that it’s haunted? And where are some of the UK’s most haunted houses?

Fancy buying a haunted house?

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